10 Weird Things Bookworms Do

  1. We pet our books. Yes, I know it's weird but that doesn’t stop us from doing it.
  2. We smell our books. Again yes it's weird but books just smell really good.
  3. We prefer real books over electronic books. Real books just feel good in our hands.
  4. We have tons of books but we end up reading the same really good book series over and over again.
  5. We will sit at a party with a book and not even try to socialize(or maybe that's just me).
  6. Eating food with a book. We don't even try to socialize with parents or relatives, we just read through meals.
  7. We wish we could just read the whole night. Sleep is for the weak.
  8. When we go to brush our teeth we bring our books with us. We need to be careful not to get them wet.
  9. When we get older we want to have a library in our house and read books all day and night.
    10. We keep looking up book ideas on Pinterest and trying new things.

There are many more weird things we do but to save you some time I only listed 10.

-Amelia S.