A New Life

“What am I going to do now?” Marceline sighed as she recalled fun memories with her friends.
All of Marceline’s friends have died. Desperately, she had tried to hold on to Finn as long as she could but he died in his late seventies. Because her friends passed away, she was very depressed and she didn’t know what to do with her life anymore. Slowly, the vampire had tried everything to get over the deaths of her friends but there was nothing she could do, she felt like she was the only person left on earth. She felt alone.
One day, Marceline was sulking around town and she bumped into a girl. She wasn’t just any girl to Marceline, she was beautiful.
“I have to know her,” Marceline thought, still shocked that there was a person of such beauty. She turned to see if the girl was still in her sight but she was already gone. Disappointed, she decided to go home.
Once Marceline returned home, she couldn’t stop thinking about the gorgeous stranger. As she hung out around her house, she couldn’t get the newbie’s long, flowing, red, curly hair out of her head. She knew exactly what she had to do.
Beginning her mission to find the alluring newcomer, she started at the part of town that she had seen the new girl first.
“Maybe she came back to town to pick something up,” Marceline thought, mentally kicking herself for not talking to the outsider when she had seen her.
She sees some friendly looking townsfolk, so she decides to ask them if they know of the incomer.
“Hello, have you seen a beautiful girl with long, red, curly hair, green eyes and fair skin?” Marceline asked a little old lady named Margaret that she had seen before but had never spoken to.
“Why, yes I have, I think you are talking about Charlotte,” the petite old lady responded to Marceline. She was about to leave but Marceline stopped her.
“Thank you ma’am,” Marceline said, she was very grateful for Margaret. “Do you think you could help me find her?” Marceline asked, hoping that she wasn’t probing.
“Well you seem very nice, I think that would be fun,” Margaret answered and flashed a kind smile at Marceline.
Marceline was ecstatic! Finally she could see Charlotte, who was the attracting stranger, again. She was the happiest that she had been in a very long time. Perhaps her life wouldn’t be all that bad. But, all Marceline could think about was Charlotte dying and her being alive and becoming depressed all over again. Maybe this wasn’t the best thing for her, maybe she should just live out eternity all alone. On the other hand, Marceline knew that was not something she wanted to do. Although she knew she would probably get hurt, she did not want to be afraid. As she thought about it, she realized that this was a big risk but it was the best thing for her.
“Thank you so much Margaret!” Marceline said, she was so happy that she could have hugged her. And with that, they began their journey.
They started to look around town but there was no sign of her, Marceline began to lose hope. She started to think that she was never going to see Charlotte again. But then, Gumdrop the cat jumped from out of nowhere.
“Hey Marge,” the orange cat said to Margaret as he jumped into her arms and began purring.
“Hi Gumdrop, have you seen Charlotte around here at all?” Margaret asked him as he laid in her arms.
“Yes, I have, she was walking to the market just up the street,” Gumdrop responded. The group of three began walking to the market. Marceline caught a glimpse of Charlotte’s curly red hair. She knew that in this moment she was going to finally see Charlotte again.
Margaret decided that she should be the one to confront Charlotte so that it would not be weird.
“Charlotte!” Margaret exclaimed as she walked up to her. Charlotte engulfed Margaret in a big hug.
“Grandma! How are you?” Charlotte shouted. Marceline was shocked.
“Why didn’t Margaret tell me that Charlotte is her granddaughter?” Marceline thought.
Marceline’s thoughts were interrupted when she heard Margaret say her name while she was talking to Charlotte.
“We should be best friends!” Charlotte said rather obnoxiously to Marceline while grabbing her by her shoulders. Marceline did not expect so much enthusiasm since she was practically a stranger.
“Margaret must have told her that I have a crush on her,” Marceline thought. They all decided to hang out at Marceline’s house.
Back at Marceline’s house, Charlotte and Marceline began talking. While they were speaking, Marceline slipped into conversation that she had a crush on Charlotte. Charlotte did not return her feelings. Deflated, Marceline, who normally doesn’t take being discarded very well, accepted the rejection as best as she could because they were at least best friends. Marceline realized that she was going to have a good life for a while, she was finally happy.