Have you heard of a major spy in the revolutionary war named Hercules Mulligan. He was a huge factor in America's success. He was born in Ireland to Hugh and Sarah Mulligan on September 25, 1740. He immigrated to America in 1746. He attended Kings College. He worked as a clerk for his father after graduating. He later opened a tailoring business. He catered to wealthy British Crown Force officers.

He married Elizabeth Sanders on October 27th at Trinity Church. Elizabeth was the niece of a British navy officer. They went on to having 8 children, 5 daughters and 3 sons.

Mulligan was introduced to Alexander Hamilton shortly after Hamilton arrived in New York by Mulligan's brother, Hugh. He helped Hamilton enroll into Princeton University. Hamilton lived with Mulligan during this time. Mulligan had a profound impact on Hamilton siding with the revolution.

In 1765, Mulligan was one of the first to join The Sons Of Liberty.Hamilton originally sided with the British, but with persuasion from Mulligan, joined The Sons Of Liberty. Mulligan became a tailor for British Officials and spied on them. Mulligan was suspicious that George Washington was a loyalist but dismissed those thoughts.

He retired in 1820. He died in 1825, aged 84. He was buried near Trinity Church and his tomb is still there today.

Hercules Mulligan is often overlooked and should get more credit for what he did while alive.