Animal Abuse
Why hurt helpless little animals? What have they done to you?

In my opinion animal abuse should cease to exist! Being cruel to animals is just plain wrong. Abusing animals makes them aggressive, it doesn’t solve anything, and why don’t you just try some doggie obedience lessons. Read on to find out more.

When you abuse animals it makes them aggressive. Animals fear for their safety. When you abuse animals they are more likely to bite. So make sure you don’t abuse your animal so that we have less aggressive animals in our communities.

Don’t abuse animals because it doesn’t solve anything. What you are teaching the animal is to be afraid of humans. You don’t want your animal to be afraid of humans. These animals are helpless. Please don’t hurt them.

If you are having problems with your animal, try doggie obedience lessons. This should give your dog some obedience and respect. The best part is that you are not hurting that cute little animal of yours.

Remember hurting animals is not the way to go. Abuse makes animals aggressive, it doesn’t solve anything, and doggie obedience lessons should help.

Spread the word! Tell other people that animal abuse is wrong! If someone IS abusing their animal, definitely tell them to stop.

- Amelia grade 6

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Be nice to your animal