{ aka attack On titan 😍 }

This show is one of the greatest anime’s you will ever see, and NO it is nothing like “remember the titans”. No I’m not planning on spoiling it for you either. Obviously the show involves titans. These titans invaded one of the walls and it was total destruction. Let’s just say that lots of souls were taken. I SAID NO SPOILERS. Sorry can’t tell you which wall fell. Some of the characters you are introduced to first are Mikasa, the strongest, Eren, the most eager, and lastly Armin, the scared boy soon to be man. These three characters go through a lot of trauma through out there growth. Defeat, loss, love, and separation. Episodes 1 – 6 are ones that are on a need to watch basis. They are SOME of the most devastating of them all. If you were to watch it I personally suggest just reading the subtitles instead of finding an English dubbed one. But if you don’t feel like reading for 20 minutes or so you can search for episodes on YouTube. But the risk there is not getting the full episodes or you might just get tricked into watching some guys review on the show. WARNING he ruins it ALL. Lastly Levi or Captain Levi is one of the most beloved characters … he’s the guy in the picture above . That’s it byyyyeeeeeeee. 😂