Bemo and The Beast

Clank! Went the body of Bemo as he jumped off of a box that he used to look at the window everyday. Bemo slinked along from window to window of the tree house because he was bored and lonely. Everyday he did this so, he could see if there was someone out there to play with him. Since, Bemo is a talking video game he just wanted someone to play with or someone to play with him. Bemo lives with a dog and human named Jake and Finn, but they were on an adventure and Finn and Jake always leave Bemo at home. Finn and Jake always say the adventures are too dangerous for him, but Bemo thinks that they just do not want him to have any fun. The lonely robot was sad that no one wanted to play with him so most of his days Bemo just sat around and did nothing.
One day, Bemo looked and saw something on the ground through the window. Bemo went outside and looked down and saw that it was a magical device. The device looked exactly like Bemo just more futuristic.
“Wow this is so awesome I hope that it is fun to play with,” he said willfully.
He wondered,¨I wish that I could show someone this.¨ The tiny robot was surprised that he didn’t see the device before because he just looked out the same window five minutes earlier. Shocked, Bemo looked closer at the gadget and saw there were thousands of tiny little buttons.
Wondering, Bemo sat on the ground and looked attentively at the device. As soon as he saw the device, Bemo looked closer and saw there was a note on the device that said ¨play with it when bored.¨
“I can’t believe that I can finally not be lonely and have people to play with me,” Bemo said cheerfully.
¨I just wish that the people could come to me and not the other way around because Finn and Jake said for me to stay out of trouble,¨ Bemo thought. The excited and joyful robot, took the device inside to further examine the strange object. He stared longingly into the device he saw a button that read ¨teleport to friend land.¨
Bemo pressed the button on the device that he found, out of the thrill of adventure and all of a sudden he was in a dark and spooky cave. The robot walked around the cave wondering where he was.
¨Welcome Bemo, I have been expecting you,¨ a big robot eating beast said as he can out of the shadows. The beast was red and hairy and looked like he came from the underworld itself.
¨Who are you, come out of the darkness and show your face,¨ Bemo said filled with fear.The scars video game know exactly what he was, Finn and Jake told him to stay away from these beasts at all cost. They said to never go near them because they would try to eat him. Finn had always told this to him once a year on his birthday to remind him to never go near them. Once Brno got back to reality he noticed that the beast started to chase him. As Bemo was not trying to get eaten by the beast, he was clicking every single one of the buttons that were on the object. He finally got the beast trapped between two stalagmites long enough for Bemo to look carefully at the device to see if there was any buttons that he had not pressed yet.
Finally, Bemo found one microscopic button that he had not pressed yet. This one was so small that he did not see that the button was there. Bemo thought that the button was just a paint chip the first he saw the button so, he overlooked the button. When he pressed the button the device brought Bemo back in the tree house and it was like nothing ever happened. Bemo was so mad at the events that just occurred that he destroyed the device so no robot would ever be in danger from the beast. Just as Bemo had cleaned up the mess he just made ,Finn and Jake walked in the door.
Finn asked,¨So Bemo what did you do today.¨
¨Oh nothing ¨ the robot replied. Jake went to go get something out of the kitchen, as Finn shook his head. Bemo was so happy that he was not alone and Finn and Jake were home. He was so happy that he never wanted to be in that kind of danger. So, Bemo promised from that day forward that he would never play with something before he knew what anything did, again.