Prince Gumball's Love Luck
Kayla Belt

Prince gumball woke up and rolled out of bed. He rubbed his sticky shoulders and stood. To him it was just another day, nothing new nothing improving. Everything was just so annoying to him, which is how is is everyday for the prince.
As he dressed he, thought about his ball on Friday. He couldn't figure who he would take. There was Marshall Lee .. but he would probably eat all the cherry bubble gum. There's also Flame Prince. Yeah, no bad idea.
He wandered through his castle aimlessly staring ahead of him. He heard tapping on his stained glass portrait.
“GO AWAY BIRDS!” he yelled. The prince was angry and heartbroken. He just couldn't find the one. He couldn't find a person to love and cherish. A person to be his … and only his. It seemed like everyone just had a person expect him. Everyone, even lumpy space prince.
Gumball trudged through the rest of his day filled with sorrow. He walked and walked, and walked. He didn't stop till he heard a call from behind him.
“HEY YOU WATCH OUT!!” they shouted. The yell startled Gumball, and he slipped. He hadn't known that he was so close to the edge of the cliff that he was on. As he fell, he let out an intense scream. But then he thought. “What if this is it. What if this is how my life ends. I'm sad, pathetic, and alone. I guess it just has to be this way then .” He looked at the shadowed clouds above him. One had seemed to be falling just as fast as he was.
“Wait that's not a cloud!” he thought. The figure swooped down in the blink of an eye and grabbed Prince Gumball. His head spun with fear and excitement.
“You ok there bud?” the boy said. Gumball didn't reply he just stared at the boy, whose eyes had been crystal blue and dazzling.
“So mysterious, so adventurous. All so exotic,” he thought. And then he realized that they were still in the air. Panic began to consume him. The fear filled his bubble lungs, making them expand almost enough to pop. The boy came to a stop a couple of seconds later. He looked at how frightened Prince Gumball was.
“I'm Finn… Sorry if I scared you but I just saw you fall, and you were so close to the ground when I got to you so I couldn't land you as I had planned,” Finn said. Gumball didn't say anything; he stared and questioned, But never spoke to the boy. Finn began to walk away, sad because he believed that the young prince was scared. He hung his head and called out for Jake his dog.
“Wait, Finn! Come back … please,” Gumball yelled. Finn's head shot up, and he ran back.
“I..I am Prince Gumball of the Candy Kingdom. And as a thank you for saving my life I would like to invite you to my ball on Friday. Even though it's short notice, I'd be delighted if you came” Finn looked at Prince Gumball. He pondered on his offer.
“It's not my style, but I'm always up for a party,” Finn said.
“Excellent,” Gumball replied cheerfully. And with that, he was heading home, Still high on the adrenalin and excitement.
Days later it was Friday. The only thing on the young prince's mind was Finn, the mystery boy. Gumball had butterflies in his stomach, so many that this ruler felt as if he was floating. As the day turned to night, Prince Gumball began letting people into the palace. Many different types of people came and went, it was nearing midnight and Gumball worried that Finn wouldn't show. And that's when he saw him. Finn's eyes met the Princes, and a smirk appeared from the corner of his mouth. The way Finn looked at Gumball made him feel as if he was the only boy at the ball. The two met. Even though they had just met both Finn and the Prince felt the connection.
They felt it the first day that they had met. It was just there. And that was the end. Prince Gumball found his person. He was done searching. He was done feeling sad for himself; he was done feeling alone. He was happy.
“Hey,” Finn said sheepishly.
“Hey” Gumball replied with a smirk.
By the end of the night, the two found themselves alone, swinging on the bench swing in the garden. Finn gazed into Gumball's eyes. The Prince was frozen.
“Finn I just wanted to say tha…” Gumball began to speak, but Finn cut him off with a single, sweet, peck on his lips.
“I like it when you're quiet, “ Finn said
“Shut upppp,” Gumball laughed in response. Then the two boys kissed again, and all was right in the world.