Rain On DisplayAnahi Medina-Rosado

Have you ever felt so lonely, you did something crazy? One time Rain the magical unicorn felt so lonely, the princess’s unicorn decided to display herself in a zoo. In other words Rain was very upset because Rain’s best friend Princess Cinnamon was too distracted to pay attention to Rain,she went on display. Before anything happened at the zoo, Princess Cinnamon and Rain were having a great morning in the village which was ruled by the princess’s sister. Princess Cinnamon and Rain are part of the royal family of Candy Country and live in the big white, fancy castle that overshadows the village. First the princess and Rain beagn the day with a big breakfast and carriage to the village where Princess Cinnamon and Rain would help the townspeople with daily chores.
Prancing through the village the princess and Rain saw a crowd of townspeople gathered around the daily news in the the center of the village. In the distance, Princess Cinnamon could hear the whispers of the people as the villagers stared at the board of news. As the princess approached the board, everyone quickly shifted to the side to make way to for the princess.
“May I ask what all the buzz is about?” the princess asked softly.
“Oh yes of course your highness, there are new baby pandacorns at the Candy Country Zoo,” the villagers replied.
“What are pandacorns?” Rain asked the villagers.
“The flyer says it it’s a breed of pandas and unicorns,” the villagers responded.
Rain’s mind rushed with happiness and confusion, as she thought of a possible way that a panda and a unicorn could possibly become a breed. Filled with excitement Princess Cinnamon and Rain rushed back to the castle and got ready for the girls’ day at the zoo.
Arriving at the zoo, Princess Cinnamon and Rain were welcomed with a crowd of people from all over the country waiting to see the first ever pandacorns. Soon lines were formed from the entrance of the zoo down passed the zoo parking. Because Princess Cinnamon was part of the royal family, the princess and Rain were able to quickly enter the zoo but with all the people they couldn’t find the pandacorns. Walking around the zoo, villagers began to gather around the princess and ask her for advice, hugs, or even a simple conversation. The more time Princess Cinnamon and Rain walked around, the more people gathered around them and therefore the more the zoo got congested. Not knowing what to do Rain began to feel uncomfortable but decided to hang around and not say anything to Princess Cinnamon.
“Can you believe the amount of people there are here today?” called Rain to Princess Cinnamon. Rain had to yell to Princess Cinnamon because of the large crowd of people surrounding them.
“I know it’s unbelievable and a little confusing to think that we came to see the pandacorns and now everyone is seeing me,” responded Princess Cinnamon. Princess Cinnamon and Rain continued to walk around the zoo until Rain who was starting to feel lonely, could no longer handle the situation.
Instead of telling Cinnamon, Rain decided to leave Princess Cinnamon and go alone to find the pandacorns. When Rain saw Princess Cinnamon was hugging a young girl, the unicorn quickly dashed out of the crowd and headed towards the large crowd on the opposite side of the zoo. Making way to the crowd of people, Rain was stopped by two men with name tags that read, Zoo Manager. They began to mumble among themselves and stare at Rain with excitement. With all the mumbling and whispers, Rain could only hear a few words that the men were saying to each other.
¨The unicorn would be a perfect display next to the pandacorns and mermaids,” added one of the managers.
¨Oh yes, that would be perfect,¨ responded the other manager. The managers finished whispering among themselves and finally began to talk to Rain.
¨How would you feel about displaying your beauty to the world?¨ asked the managers. Aside from feeling confused and excited Rain felt honored to be invited to display her beauty to the world. Without even thinking Rain accepted the zoo managers’ invitation to display her beauty, rather than thinking things overs.
¨This is going to be amazing,¨ shouted Rain. Rain was taken through the large crowd of people to a display center that was next to pandacorns and mermaids. The unicorn was fascinated by the baby pandacorns and their looks. Put in the display, Rain quickly began to pose and spin for the large crowd of people near her. As a result cameras and recorders quickly filled the area, as people began to take pictures of Rain’s beauty. News quickly spread through the whole zoo that a unicorn was added to the Mythical Display area of the zoo.
Word about Rain was spreading so quickly it reached the ears of Princess Cinnamon in no time.
¨Princess, did you hear about the new unicorn display?¨ asked a woman that was near the princess. Realizing Rain was no longer near, Princess Cinnamon became worried and sad.
“Where is this unicorn display you speak of,” the princess called softly. The woman responded, “In the back of the zoo where there is a large crowd of people.”
As a result of not thinking straight, Princess Cinnamon quickly thought someone had kidnapped Rain and force the magical unicorn to go on display. Princess Cinnamon quickly rushed towards the large crowd of people in hopes of finding Rain. Reaching the crowd Princess Cinnamon’s eyes were drawn to the baby pandacorns and their beautiful chubby bodies and their sparkling horns. Princess Cinnamon was still mesmerized by the beautiful creatures when Cinnamon realizes Rain is in the display next to them. The princess begins to look for zoo employees or managers so Cinnamon could be set free Rain. To the left, Princess Cinnamon saw two men with name tags that read, Zoo Manager and rushed towards them. Nearly approaching the men Princess Cinnamon began to yell to get their attention.
“Why do you have my unicorn on display?” shouted Princess Cinnamon. The managers turn to face Princess Cinnamon and begin apologizing.
“Princess we didn't know this unicorn was yours, were truly sorry” responded the managers. Quickly the managers rush to get the keys of the display door to free Rain. Rain is quickly released from the display area, back into the arms of Princess Cinnamon and afterwards taken back to the castle. On their way to castle Rain explains to Princess Cinnamon what really happened.
“The zoo managers didn’t kidnapped me or anything they asked me if I wanted to go and display myself and I said yes” Rain told Princess Cinnamon.
“Why would you go display yourself if we came to the zoo to see the new baby pandacorns?” asked the princess.
Rain’s face quickly dropped as Rain answered, “Because you started putting all your attention towards the villagers and completely forgot about me and made me feel lonely.” Heartbroken by the words Cinnamon heard, Princess Cinnamon began to apologize for everything that happened in the zoo and begged for forgiveness. Rain accepted Cinnamon’s apology and told the princess that their was no need for forgiveness.
“From now on I promise I will always be there and never make you feel lonely again,” Princess Cinnamon told Rain. In short, Princess Cinnamon kept the promise and never left Rain or made the magical unicorn feel lonely again.