The New Girl
Jazzmyn Scott
It all started when she walked by, the new girl in town. The girl was so pretty, not even pretty, she was gorgeous. She was short with long brown hair and grey eyes, she wore a bright blue shirt with denim jeans and a shiny gold necklace that would blind your eyes if u looked at the necklace for too long. Joyfully, she walked right passed Finn and Jake as they were helping Tree Trunks carry the pies she had just made into her store. They both turned their heads and stared as the unknown girl skipped by while drool formed in there mouths.
“Woah, who’s that?” Jake says while wiping the drool from his mouth. “I’ve never seen her before, is that girl new?”
“She is absolutely beautiful,” Jake whispered while watching her walk away. Finn side-eyed Jake with a rude glare though Jake didn’t notice all he could focus on was her, the new girl. That ‘her’ was Mareline, she had just moved here from Rumbersville, a tiny town about 50 miles away. Her dad found a job here and thought it would be a better place to live, so here she was.
“That’s the new girl, Mareline, now stop drooling and get these pies into my store before they get cold,” Tree trunks exclaimed while shaking her head at the boys who still were dazed upon her beauty.
“ Ughh, come on Jake,” Finn muttered while picking up three pies and walking them into the store.
“ Ummmm, I’ll be right back actually,” Jake said jogging away from Tree Trunk’s store and following the path the girl took.
“ Heyyyy wait up!” Finn yelled while dropping two pies with one almost from his hand and running after jake. Finn didn’t want Jake to meet her first, he wanted Mareline and he was going to get her. Jake eventually slowed down trying to catch his breath and Finn finally catches up to Jake.
“Where were you going? “ Finn attempted to say while gasping for air.
“ I wanna meet that girl,” Jake replies kind of hesitant afraid of what Finn would say.
“ I actually wanted to meet Mareline too, I hope you don’t like her though because i was thinking she could be my girlfriend,” Finn replies back with a bit of a attitude.
Jake rolls his eyes and says, “ Finn you always get the girls let me have one for a chance, come on.” This was true Finn got every girl and Jake never had anybody, being a yellow,small dog nobody wanted him. He thought maybe this could be his chance to finally have a girlfriend.
Angry, Finn replies back “ That is not true Jake, you had Lady Unicorn it’s not my fault you couldn’t keep her.” Lady Unicorn was Jake’s first love and the only girlfriend he ever had. She cheated on him and they broke up though Jake never got over it. Finn went too far, wayyy too far he couldn’t take that back. Taken back, Jake stares in disbelief for a couple seconds and then turns around and begins to walk home while muttering under his breath. Finn doesn’t say anything but he knew he was wrong he didn’t move from where he was standing for a while. But when Finn did move he didn’t go back to help Tree Trunks, nor to go follow Jake and apologize for hurting his feeling, he went to go find the new girl.
Hurrying, he walked for a little bit, then a while, after a good 15 minutes he stumbled apon a little house. Just an ordinary house but in his heart Finn knew it was the Mareline’s house, and he was right it was her’s. Realizing he still had a pie in his hand he knocked on the door to give it to them as a greeting into town, she came to the door.
“Who is it?” she says with a soft voice, Jake kind of froze, did he really want to hurt Jake, his best friend, like this? It was too late he already had and he couldn’t go back now.
“H-h-hey I just wanted to welcome you to town with one of Tree Trunks famous pies” Finn studders with a shy smirk on his face.
“Awe thanks , that’s so nice of you,” Mareline says blushing.
“Well since you’re new and I know this town pretty well why don’t I show you around a little bit, would u like that?” Finn questions. Mareline thinks for a couple second when finally she spits it out.
“Actually, I don’t think my boyfriend would like that I’m sorry, thanks for the offer though” Mareline says while beginning to shut the door.
“Oh,um okay I guess, well hope you like it here see you around,” Finn let’s out with a upset look on his face. “Boyfriend? She has a boyfriend, great,” Finn thinks to himself. Finn just upset his best friend for a girl who has a boyfriend, how could he tell Jake this? He knew Jake was hurt and he didn’t know what he was going to do to make up for it .
Finn begins to walk home, to the house Jake is at, Finn is thinking of things to say to Jake but nothing comes to mind. Before he knew it he was right in front of their house. He takes a couple seconds to find his keys and once he finds them he then opens the door.
“Hey Jake, we need to talk where are you?” Finn exclaimed scared to hear Jake’s reaction.
“Man leave me alone I don’t want to talk to you , go find your girlfriend” Jake yells back while slamming his room door. Slowly, Finn begins walking up the steps while going over in his head what he’s about to say to Jake. He finally gets to Jake’s room and he quietly knocks on his door.
“Jake I’m sorry , I know what I said was out of line and I would take it back if I could. I didn’t mean to hurt you man you know I love you,” Finn explains while jiggling the door knob. Jake sighs and unlocks the door for Finn letting him come in. At first Jake doesn’t say anything , he just goes and lays on his back facing upwards staring at the ceiling.
After 5 minutes Jake finally responds, “ I love you too Finn, but u have to watch what u say that really hurt my feelings.”
Finn looks Jake in his eyes and they just stare at each other for a little while. Jake can tell Finn is truly sorry and he leads in to hug him.
“What happened with the girl anyway ?” Jake asks curiously letting go of Finn.
Rolling his eyes, Finn says “ She has a boyfriend bro.”
“Wow seriously dude that sucks so bad” Jake laughs. They both begin laughing then BMO walks in the room.
“Hey guys you hear about the new girl?” She asks having no clue about what just happened.
“Yea, Mareline right?” Finn responds
“No, her name is Emma she’s coming over tomorrow for dinner so you guys can meet her tomorrow,” BMO says walking out of the room. Jake and Finn both look at each other with the same look .
“Nahhhhh not again,” they both say at the same time laughing. looking away from Jake Finn gets up to leave.
“Goodnight Jake” Finn says softly while closing the door.
“ Goodnight Finn,” Jake says while lying down yawning .