The Towns Mystery People
Densley Mogene

Feeling the cold rush of freezing air throughout his whole body Archie tried to walk really fast to get home through the woods which was one of the quickest routes to get home. Archie is sixteen years old. Who lived with his father but most of the time Archie wished that he lived with his mother only because she wouldn't be to pushing to do things that he wouldn't want to do she'd actually support him in life. As Archie was walking he heard a loud scream coming from one of the sections of the wood. But then Archie tried to walk to the sound of the voice till he heard another scream.
“Help someone please help me !” cried Hannah.
“Hey are you okay what was all that screaming about?” curiously asked Archie.
“Something/someone has bitten me out of nowhere, and I know you might think that I'm insane but I'm really not ” replied Hannah.
‘Let's get you somewhere safe, then maybe we could talk about” said Archie as he tried to lift Hannah up from the ground. Archie tried to call one of his closest friend Veronica but she didn't pick and he needed someone to help him out. Very so Archie tried calling her again.
“ Come on please pick up Veronica, oh boy what am I going to do?” Surely enough Veronica did pick up.
“Hey, Archie how can I help u, kinda seemed like u almost wanted to blow my phone up with missed phone calls,” asked Veronica as she was laughing.
“This is no times for games I need you to pick me up I'm kinda in a situation and I'll explain we you get here.” nervously said, Archie
Whoosh and wind sound came out of nowhere now Archie was becoming a little freaked out as he was holding Hannah.
“Ahem man, you need help with that?”Asked Stefan.
"Hold on what who are you and why did you sneak up on me like that?” asked Archie.
“I'm Stefan and I’m a…” said Stefan before he got interrupted.
“Hey guys I'm losing a lot of blood can someone please help me, instead of trying to figure out what he is,” said Hannah. Archie keeps pacing back and forth trying to figure out what to do but he didn’t have any ideas. While Stefan tried to calm Hannah but no one really knew if she was going to be safe. Archie finally gave in a sat down put while he was sitting down he then began to think about the bite mark that was on Hannah’s neck. Archie has never seen anything like that since he lived in Exeter, Rhode Island. Finally, Veronica was here to help Archie or mainly to be sarcastic. It was easy for her to spot where Archie was in the woods mainly because Archie and Veronica had but in locating chip in each other's phone to them that symbolized their weird friendship.
“Boo! I'm here so what did you need me for,wooow what happened to her,” asked Veronica surprisingly.
“Hannah said that someone bit here but it was odd because this bite isn't just a regular bite it's more of an animal bite” replied Archie.
“Well I didn't really ask for all I was just trying to be nice that but I mean okay,” said Veronica “Wait if it isn't an animal attack come on Archie I know you think this town is great but there is some history,” said Veronica. As she got up to just look at Stefan curiously then she decided to ask him the question that they wanted answers to.
“Listen up are you a vampire?” Veronica asked. While she was tapping her feet with her hands crossed waiting for the answer. Archie and Veronica waited right next to each other to hear the response. Both kids were scared to hear the words that will come out of his ears and just wonder how why.
“Yes I'm a vampire I'm 193 years old and I've always lived here in Exeter Rhode Island but I have also traveled the world,” replied Stefan.Everyone was in shock except for Hannah because she has gone unconscious.No one knew what to do except for Stefan because well he was the only vampire. But lucky for Stefan, he was able to read minded so he knew what the kids wanted to happen. So in the result of that, Stefan decided to try to save her with his blood but he also had to bite her for that. 5 minutes later Hannah had waking up she had a sever a headache but she was fine. But then for Stefan, he knew that he couldn't let the kids go away while they knew that he was a vampire so he decided to compile them before they can say anything. Compiling was where a vampire can make you forget what just had happened so that other vampires like them won't get exposed.
“You will not remember what happened here this afternoon,” told Stefan.
“I will not remember what happened here tonight” replied both Archie and Veronica.
“Hey Arch it's getting pretty late what are we still doing here,” said Veronica. As they both walked back home together as nothing had to happen not even looking back a second. But there was one person left for Stefan to compile but he did have another he wondered to himself, which was whose the other vampire that's in town now.
“LIsten to me this afternoon I just have a really bad headache from school and I decided to go through the woods as a shortcut and got this really bad rash on my neck I must’ve have touched something,” said Stefan so that she will repeat it.
“I was walking home from school and took the woods as a shortcut because I had a really bad headache and I've must've touched something that gave me a really bad neck rash,” repeated Hannah. Hannah got up took her bag and walked through the woods safely but she still was rubbing her head because of that bad bump she took (a headache). Stefan stayed back to wait until everyone was gone so that he could leave too, but something else happens to come to his mind he thought to himself if he hadn't turn Hannah into a vampire or if she okay. Because Stefan forgot to check if she was breathing before he decided to bite her and let her take some of his blood. Since if a human isn't breathing basically dead that vampire venom can turn them.
“Uhhhhh Ohhhhh we might be in some big trouble or maybe this time who knows us vampires might get lucky!” said Stefan nervously. While he flew up in the sky