Why Can’t I be Myself?Jewel Williams

“RISE AND SHINE.” My mom yelled as she walked into my room and opened the curtains. She told me to get up and get ready for school. I groaned and got out of bed as much as I love my mom she gets on my nerves. I walked to the bathroom to take a shower.
“ Yay another day at school.” I thought sarcastically. I don’t like going to school, everyone thinks I do but I don’t. The reason why everyone thinks I love going to school is because I am the most popular girl there. Those are their words by the way not mine. I know what you’re thinking what about your friends. As if they even know me for myself. They think I’m this perfect girl that only likes shopping, makeup, and boys but I don’t. I like reading,cooking,and going to the beach,but I can’t tell them that or they’ll think I’m weird and they will stop being my friends. I wish I could be myself.
Anyway I have to get ready for school, so I go take a shower and put on my everyday outfit that consists of a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and some black jordans. I usually wear heels to school but today I choose jordans because I have gym. After I’m done with everything I go downstairs to get some breakfast then I’m out the door. I then that I drive to school in my 2017 BMW that I got for my birthday. As soon as I arrive to school everyone waves at me or says hi, and I wave back trying to be polite and walk into the school.
“ Hi Laura” Angela says to me with excitement. She’s always like that when she has something to tell me.
“Hey what’s...”
“ Did you hear about the new kid in school,” Angela said in a whisper.
“ What new kid,” I said back also whispering
“ Well he’s from Virginia and to be honest the kid looks like a real nerd,” She said snickering. That’s one thing I don’t like about Angela yeah she’s my best friend and everything, but she gossips to much, but since I’m want to stay popular I laugh with her.
“ Bye Laura,” Angela says walking away to her next class. My next class was Math which is usually super boring, but today it was a bit fun because a new kid was in our class. He sat next to me.
“ Hi, My name is David,” He said to me full of energy.
“ Hey,” I said looking at the board and sounding uninterested
“ I’m gonna make you laugh today,” David said knowingly.
“ Okay whatever,” I said unconvinced. He started making a bunch of funny faces,once he realized that wasn’t working he fell out his chair making everyone in my class turn around and look at him.
“ Sorry these chairs are just so easy to fall out of,” then he fell out of the chair again.
“ See what I mean,” The whole class laughed including me.
“ Told you I could make you laugh,” David said smirking again. I rolled my eyes jokingly, we then spent the rest of the classes talking about ourselves and cracking jokes. The bell rang and for once I was disappointed and didn’t want the class to end. For once I felt like I was being myself and wasn’t putting on big fake smile on my face. We walked out of class and we went our separate ways. I saw Angela and walked up to her with a smile on my face.
“ Hey…”
“ Where you just talking to the new kid, “ She said in disgust.
“ Yeah, what’s wrong with that,” I replied.
“ I don’t think you should talk to him he just doesn’t fit your status.” Angela said as if it was obvious.
“ What do you mean he’s funny and makes me laugh.” I said back my smile dropping.
“ Yeah, but that doesn’t make him cool,” She replied.
“ Oh” I said slightly disappointed. She waved goodbye and then went to her next class. I didn’t have any other class with David, so the day went by pretty slowly. The next day everyone was telling me what Angela had told me, and I just rolled my eyes at all of them. During Math class David was trying to talk to me but I just ignored him. He seemed disappointed and I started to feel bad.
“ Are you not talking to me because, of what the Angela is saying about us being friends” He said sadly
“ No it just…” I stopped talking and looked away.
“ I thought you were better than that, but I guess I was wrong” He turned away and looked at the board. He didn’t talk to me for the rest of the class. When I walked out of the class Angela walked up to me like always.
“ Hey Laura, What’s wrong?” Angela asked mocking me.
“ Nothing,” I said harshly.
“ Are you mad because that weird boy wasn’t talking to you or something” She said mockingly.
“ You know what Angela I am really sick of you telling me what to do” I yelled. Everyone stared at me in the hallway.
“ What do you mean?” Angela said annoyed.
“ I mean you are always telling me who to hang out with and who not to hang out with” I said back.
“ If you are so tired of it, stop being friends with me,” She said back.
“ Maybe I will’ I said walking away. After I did that I felt like a weight was being lifted from my shoulders. During lunch I sat with David.
“ Hey David” I said happily
“ Why are you sitting here, isn’t it gonna hurt your image or something?” He said while rolling my eyes.
“ I don’t care what it does I can be friends with whoever I want to okay,” I said smiling. David smiled at me, and for the rest of the lunch period we were just cracking jokes and laughing with each other. At the end of the day I realized that school was fun . When I walked into my house I had a huge smile on my face.
“ What are you so happy about?” My mom asked.
“ I actually had fun today at school “ I said smiling more.
“ That’s great honey” She replied smiling.
“ It really is mom,” I said and ran went upstairs.